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Summer is coming to an end...

Before leaving for Carmel, Adriana, Pia, Olivia and John celebrated Penny’s 75th birthday together with Adrian  - and Penny, of course - at John Bentley in Menlo Park. It continues to be one of our favorite places to go to dinner.

A Night Sky Like No Other

The winds were blistering cold and two of the three vehicles got stuck in sand storms on the way back. One car, therefore, came back much earlier, and John, Nick, David, and Isabella left to race ATVs in the sand dunes.

Successful Foot Surgery

n Friday Pia left for Santa Cruz together with cheerleading teams with a 12 other high schools. She’s leading her team this year and is co-captain together with one other classmate.


Nothing was so tempting that they had to buy it so it was back to the hotel for a quick refresher before heading out to have dinner with many of the friends Isabella has met over the years.