Mid-September update

Adriana is staying busy with Premier. She’s into it and it’s a good outlet for all her energy. She’ll start competition soon and had to have her picture taken today for the application.

Back on the bench

Olivia and John enjoyed a dinner with the Schuhs and Chens at 31st Union in San Mateo. It’s a great little place that source the ingredients from local farmers. 

Successful surgery

Overall a quiet weekend before Pia and Ella starts Volleyball camp. Adriana will continue her summer camp at Alligator Art while Bella is already practicing cheer before spending next weekend at cheer camp.

Cake Walk (compared to yesterday)

Just back from the second of the two gorilla treks. It was pure heaven compared to yesterday. Almost flat the entire time, and other than crossing a couple of streams, it felt like the gorillas were in our backyard.


We were there for the skool of hippos that always hang around there. Got a few shot and left the park to go back home for breakfast.